Exclusive Interview with SWF/BWF World Heavyweight Champion ‘Public Enemy #1’ TJ Marconi

This past Wednesday HWWeekly was able to speak with someone this writer feels is the future of professional wrestling, the current SWF & BWF World Heavyweight Champion ‘Public Enemy #1’ TJ Marconi as he prepares for a World Title defense at SWF’s MegaSlam on April 21st as well as a six-man tag team match with his long time tag team partners COD as they go to war with the GOAT live at “It was all a dream” event in New York City presented by Now You Create Pro Wrestling.  Marconi was unable to speak with us face to face due to his vigorous workout schedule in preparation for this weekend, but he was gracious enough to answer a few questions exclusively for HubbardWrestlingWeekly.com about his love for professional wrestling and his preparation for his two upcoming Tri-state battles. 


  • Writer: When did you realize that professional wrestling was your calling and at what moment did you realize you were championship material?
  • TJ Marconi: Having always been a pro wrestling fan, my earliest memories as a child of pro wrestling was watching WrestleMania 11 I was 6 years old. I turned to my grandmother and said this is what I want to do when I grow up. It was during the Diesel vs HBK WWF title match, that I came to this realization.  I mean as soon as I started training in 2009, I thought of myself as a champion. If you don’t have the mentality to be #1 in this game. You’re doing yourself a disservice.


  • Writer: As a multiple title holder in professional wrestling, your schedule must be rough. How many wrestling shows do you participate in per month and could you explain how taxing it can be to be a pro wrestler & main event talent?
  • TJ Marconi: Usually it’s at least 6 shows a month, but most of the time it’s a lot more. Sometimes I have “triple shot weekends” which is 3 shows in 2 days. Also, some days I do “double shots” which is 2 shows in 1 night. The grind of wrestling, especially when starting out in the independent scene is rough. You train during the week, in the gym, in the ring, etc., then wrestle on the weekends. Your life becomes pro wrestling. Also, let’s not forget you need to work during the week to support your wrestling. Cause when you start, the money is little to nothing.


  • Writer: Can you give our readers an explanation of how the COD came together and how the rivalry with GOAT came about?
  • TJ Marconi: Create or Die (COD) came about when a group of wrestlers wanted to create their own brand and buzz. We don’t need any company to create it for us. Myself, EC Negro, Sebastian Cage, & Steve Lugo took our real life friendships and turned it into a great stable. As for the GOAT, the rivalry is simple. They call themselves “the greatest of all time” and we cant let them get away with that.


  • Writer: You have an upcoming title defense on April 21st… How do you prepare mentally & physically for a 6 man tag match, which is sure to be very personal and very dangerous on 4/20, when you have a title defense the very next night? Does your loyalty to the COD override your obligations as a world champion?
  • TJ Marconi: COD is family, and with my Italian background it’s always family above all, including yourself sometimes. As for my SWF title defense on 4/21, that’ll be light work. I always out work that roster hence why I’m the champ. Preparing for a 6 man fight is taxing. A lot of people, a lot of possibilities. I need my head on a swivel on Friday night.


  • Writer: As stated earlier, this Friday April 20th at “It was all a Dream”  event you have a personal war on your hands as you and the COD battle the GOAT.  Will this be the final chapter in this rivalry?
  • TJ Marconi: I plan on it being the final chapter. We beat them move on to the next false idols in NYC. Now You Create IS going be the next hot pro wrestling company. I want COD on top of it.


HWWeekly would like to thank ‘Public Enemy #1’ TJ Marconi for taking part in this interview. He will be wrestling live at @NYCWrestling ‘s #NYC420 “It Was All A Dream” Event in New York City Friday April 20, 2018 and then will  defend his World Title the following evening 4/21 at @SWFLive ‘s “MegaSlam” Event in New Jersey.  HubbardWrestlingWeekly.com will be covering “It Was All A Dream” in NYC. Be sure to come back here for exclusive interviews and photos of what is sure to be an epic weekend of professional wrestling in the Tri-state area.