N.Y.C. takes NYC by storm: Now You Create Pro Wrestling Makes Great Impression

On Saturday April 20th, 2018  an event took place that truly set the standard for independent wrestling promotions in the New York City area and beyond.  In front of a standing room only crowd in the heart of New York, Now You Create Pro Wrestling truly showed and proved that they are more than ready to step up and give professional wrestling fans in the Tri-State area something to be excited about.


The in-ring action was quite impressive, showmanship was respectable, and the most impressive aspect of the show was the fact that it was storyline based. Many house shows have matches on the card that are not necessarily based in storyline format, but Now You Create decided to bring forth a show that showed its characters in the best possible light that there could ever be… In the context of the current storyline landscape. The Create of Die stable is pure gold and their talents were on showcase all night at the world famous Daros Gym. SWF/BWF World Heavyweight Champion TJ Marconi along with his COD teammates Sebastian Cage & Steve Lugo entered an epic 6-man tag team war and were triumphant against long time rivals the GOAT (Kris Kage, Whiplash, & Riot Raze) with Ivy Roman in their corner.  Also, El Rey All Day aka the King of New York was victorious in singles action against Matt Tremont.  This team is charisma personified, but the GOAT also showed itself as a stable to be reckoned with.   The GOAT and Create or Die stables remind me of why the faction is a valuable part of professional wrestling and bring about awesome moments both inside and out of the ring.


BLK Jeez, Buffa (who traveled all the way from Japan’s Zero One Wrestling for this event), and Mike Donavon tore the house down and truly set the tone for what would be a great night of wrestling opening the show. Steve Pena got a very impressive pin fall victory in tag team action on this night and in an amazing 3 on 1 handicap match “the Jurassic juggernaut” Vince Steele stole the show with a nearly 500-pound Houston hangover that sent the crowd into a frenzy. Also, in a four way fight, Impact Wrestling Tag team champion and LAX member Homicide got the win as he was able to overcome strong efforts from his 3 opponents Sanchez, grim Reefer, and Caveman.


The main event was nothing short of extraordinary.  In a battle that didn’t disappoint, Dan Maff battled Shlak.  This match went back and forth with several near falls throughout the match. It seemed at different points the match could go either way, however in the end Maff would be victorious,  however his victory celebration ended before it even got started.  Out of no where came the COD who attacked Dan Maff for what seemed like an eternity until longtime tag team partner and hit squad member Steve Mack hit the ring to clean house and save his partner… or so it seemed.  In stunning fashion, Mack would deliver a low blow kick to the unsuspecting Maff and would proceed to administer a massive beatdown on what was now his former tag team partner.  The attack would continue for several excruciating minutes with efforts to stop the brutality by other wrestlers, referees, and even the powers that be of the company whose plea to Mack to stop this sickening attack was met with spit in the face.   As the night concluded, it was announced that June 3rd, “there would be a price to pay” and the stunned NYC crowd then proceeded to the exits as a Steve Mack sat in the ring with a sick smile on his face seemingly very happy with what he had done.


Hubbard Wrestling Weekly rates ‘It Was All A Dream’ presented by Now You Create Pro Wrestling an 8.5 out of 10.  Storylines were executed nicely,  leaving fans eager to see what will happen June 3rd, 2018, and HWWeekly will be there to witness it live.


Look, all I can say is this… This writer knows professional wrestling, and Now You Create IS PRO WRESTING. It was engaging, it was athletic, and it left you seeking answers… Answers that will be answered June 3rd, 2018 live in New York City, and HubbardWrestlingWeekly.com will be there and we encourage you to do the same.  Jorel Arroyo, Troy Magalhaes… This product is a winner.

** Coming later this week, exclusive post match interviews with Steve Pena, Vince Steele, and World Champion TJ Marconi


HWWeekly would like to thank Now You Create wrestling for their authorization to exclusively cover their events, interview their superstars, take pictures and construct articles about their product.