Brian Pillman Jr. showing early superstar qualities that made is father a legend

As professional wrestling fans all over the globe gear up for the Summer of 2018, everyone is looking out for the next hot storyline, the next major angle, and the newest and brightest future superstars that begin their climb and make strong impressions on the wrestling world.


When you think about making an impression that will not only get you noticed, but more importantly bring you to the level of superstardom, things like athleticism, charisma, work ethic and God-given ability are all essential. These essential characteristics and more describe the subject of this article, as Hubbard Wrestling Weekly was privileged to speak with second generation star and what many call one of the people who will bring professional wrestling into it’s bright future, Brian Pillman, Jr.


Pillman Jr, the son of Stampede Wrestling, WCW, ECW, and WWE legend Flyin’ Brian Pillman, is a young up and coming wrestler who made his wrestling debut in December 2017. Upon completion of his debut match, Brian II showed he has similar athletic ability as is father and showed the world that Pillman wrestling in the present day has as much promise at it did when the first ever World Championship Wrestling Light Heavyweight champion and former Cincinnati Bengals special teams star did back in the 1990’s.


Brian Pillman Sr., who was a tremendous high flyer, was ahead of his time with his abilities and would go on to win several championships in his career. As mentioned, he was the former and 1st ever WCW Light Heavyweight champion, former United States Tag Team champion, and was one half of what many wrestling historians believe is one of the greatest World Tag Team championship combinations in wrestling history, the Hollywood Blondes with future World champion and WWE hall of famer Steve Austin. Brian Pillman would shine as a tag team superstar with Austin and would later become a member of two of the most famous wresting stables in history, the Four Horsemen in World Championship Wrestling and the Hart Foundation in World Wrestling Entertainment. Pillman would headline pay per views all over the world in WCW and WWE with hall of famers like Ric Flair and Bret Hart, and would remain a main event talent until his untimely passing in October of 1997.

The Hollywood Blondes   


Fast forward 20 years, and it seems the stars are aligning again as Brian Pillman, Jr. is on the verge of superstardom, and in an interview with Hubbard Wresting Weekly, Pillman II would be gracious enough to answer a few questions:
When asked about his legendary wrestling family history, Pillman Jr. would say “I look forward to making my family proud and embracing the legacy my family has established”. When asked about his professional wrestling debut, Pillman II said he “was tearful and appreciative. It was a transcendent moment in my life”. He continued saying he “looks forward staying strong and maintaining a work ethic that will lead to success”. Pillman Jr. showed genuine humility and respect for the wrestling business by stating that…

“I have a lot to prove, as my pro wrestling career is in it’s infancy, but the legacy of my father is something I cherish and I plan to honor it as I continue to wrestle”.


Hubbard Wrestling Weekly would ask Brian Pillman, Jr. about how he would like to have his career progress, to which his answers describe a sequence of events that he believes will lead to the success he seeks. “I’d like to be a part of a faction. I want to be a part of a group and eventually a tag team that can make a mark on the industry and from there break off into singles role”. Pillman’s plans seem smart and logical with progression that can lead to some wonderful things in the world of professional wrestling. His love and respect for the business, in addition to his tremendous respect for his father’s success among others all lends itself to the prospect of nothing but good things for the man who’s name he shares with his legendary father. This interview concluded by Mr. Pillman letting us know he would be returning ahead a schedule from a knee injury in October of 2018 and is “looking forward to continuing on my journey”. In conclusion, we asked Mr. Pillman what his secret to success is, to which he responded, “NEVER BE COMFORTABLE”. These are words this writer feels are crucial not only to success in the professional wrestling business, but in all aspects of life.


HWWeekly would like to thank Brian Pillman II for his participation in this interview . Be sure to follow him on Twitter @FlyinBrianJr