Ivy Roman: A future female star primed for squared circle success

There are those who show promise and there are those who show ability, but when those two characteristics come together, you have star in the making.  Hubbard Wrestling Weekly is proud the give you a closer look at a shining star primed for future success in the world of professional wrestling. She goes by the name of Ivy Roman, who along with her stablemates the Greatest of All Time (Goat) faction, are quickly making names for themselves and staking their claim for who’s up next for stardom in the squared circle.  Ivy does it all. From in-ring action, to singing, to dancing, to video editing, and even being an actress on Broadway, this multi-talented individual is primed and ready for the next big step in her career as a member of the GOAT as well as an individual competitor.


Roman is an exciting female competitor who first stepped inside of a wresting ring in October of 2013 and fell in love with the business at a young age watching WCW Nitro & WWE RAW with some of her favorites like WWE Hall of Famers Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldberg, as well as the ninth wonder of the world and only female Intercontinental Champion in history Chyna. She says that her love for wrestling also comes from a special family bond and her appreciation for how she was raised. She was always thankful and appreciative for what she had growing up, appreciates the sense of humor she got from her dad, and acknowledges her desire to help others through her protective nature.


My love for professional wrestling comes from the bond I have with my sister Heidi. We didn’t have much growing up but we had enough. I’m just like my dad. I find humor in everything because it brings light and hope to every situation. I’m also very protective even if it’s someone I dislike, I really have a superhero complex.


Ivy speaks of her time as an independent wrestler with much respect and appreciation for both who she’s working with now, and those who came before her. “The women are taking over and it’s so empowering to be apart of in the indies. I had the opportunity to be apart of CWA and it was amazing because they’re all so very talented and I learned so much”. Among other respected female competitors Roman has worked with, she sights fellow HWWeekly ‘Future Stars of Pro Wrestling’ featured wrestler Jayel Cotto as great friend and someone who she appreciates in the business. She looks forward to the opportunity to “Kick some butt with my best friend (Cotto)”  in a tag team as she continues in her wrestling career.


Though Ivy Roman is big on embracing family and the values they have instilled in her, she admits life on the road makes it difficult at times to manage her personal existence.  She shows her dedication by stating that she understands life as a professional wrestler is about making sacrifices when it comes to seeing her family, but she is thankful to be on the road with some people who are close to her, which makes traveling a little easier.


Thankfully I’m on the road with my brothers and anywhere we go it feels like home because I’m with them.



Roman was quite informative when describing how the Greatest of All Time stable came to be. She is quite proud of this group and is looking forward to success for all members. She says “The GOAT started with two best friends who loved wrestling, The Absolute Kris Kage and The Superstar Whiplash”. She went on to explain they started out in backyard wrestling as well as the same wrestling school she did. She would break down the relationships that were formed between she and the other members of the GOAT with great emotion and seriousness.


They’re my brothers and if anyone tried to tell me different I would slap them. They’re always teaching me about something either in wrestling or in life. We support one another in the ring or outside of the ring and they push me to be a better version of myself each and everyday. Most Stables only see one another when their on the road to a show, but we make time for each other. Most will consider us a tag team stable, but they’re my brothers that got my back and I got theirs.


This interview would conclude with HWWeekly asking how Ivy feels about being featured as a ‘Future Star of Pro Wrestling’ in addition to inquiring about her goals moving forward.  In reference to her goals, she says “My goal is to work hard and to make & build a legacy with my brothers”. Her remarks about this article feature were appreciative and humble stating “It’s honestly an honor because you could of chosen anyone else to be apart of this amazing feature. It makes me realize that people are talking about me and paying attention to what I’m doing”.


HWWeekly would ask Ivy for one final statement about her career to give the people insight on her career path as an individual & member of the GOAT, to which she answered in a charismatic and future superstar-like fashion:


The wait is almost over to make Ivy Roman’s single debut to perform in ring. I hope it’s in WXWC4 or even in FTW where I train, but no matter where it is, get ready to see why I’m one fourth of the greatest of all time.


In the opinion of this writer, Ivy Roman is headed straight to the top of any women’s division she wrestles in anywhere in the world. It all begins with having the right attitude and perspective.  Attitude is honorable.  Perspective is exactly where it should be.  Break out your best shades, because the future is bright.


HWWeekly would like to thank Ivy Roman for her participation in this interview . Be sure to follow her on Twitter @officalivyroman