Episode XIX: Former Women’s Champion & Current Manager of MLW World Champion: Salina de la Renta

The new fall season of the #HubbardWrestlingWeekly podcast continues… This time with a former ladies champion who has transitioned into a world championship manager. Major League Wrestling star Salina de la Renta sits down with #HWWeekly, speaks about her start in the business and how she became one of the most recognizable names in wrestling today. Click play, listen and find out why host & founder of Hubbard Wrestling Weekly, Sean H. calls Salina de la Renta the “female Randy Orton”.
Special Guest: Salina de la Renta (@Salinadelarenta , @mlw)
HWWeekly Website/Podcast Founder: Sean Hubbard
Web Developer/HWWeekly Lead Consultant: Alex@haascrea.com
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