Finn Balor going to Royal Rumble (1/14/19)

11:05pm EST
The anticipation of a match between WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and challenger Braun Strowman brought us to 13 days away from the Royal Rumble, however it was all taken away by WWE Chairman Vince McMahan after Strowman attempted to track down the former active GM of Monday Night Raw Baron Corbin in Mr. McMahon’s limo. After destroying Vince’s limo in an attempt to beat down Corbin, the ‘Monster Among Men’ angered the owner of WWE so much that it led not only to a $100,000 fine, but also a dismissal from the Universal Title match at WWE’s annual January pay-per-view spectacular. Speculation says that there is a possibility that Strowman has not recovered totally from his elbow injury (Dave Meltzer reports), but whatever the reason may be, Braun is out. The question now is… Who is in?

With Brock Lesnar contractually obligated to defend his title January 27th, the chairman announced there will be a fatal 4-way match between the 1st ever WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor (after winning a qualifying match earlier in the night against former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal), Former Money in the Bank holder Baron Corbin, 16x World Champion John Cena, and former NXT & Intercontinental Champion Drew Mcintyre TONIGHT on Raw and the winner will be inserted as the challenger against Brock in Arizona in just under 2 weeks. Much to the delight of this writer and the fans in Memphis, Tennessee Finn Balor would emerge victorious and is now headed to WWE Royal Rumble to face the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar in what this writer feels is a “Dream Match” due to the contrasting in-ring styles of these to combatants.

Also noteworthy WWE updates include Bobby Lashley becoming the Intercontinental Champion defeating former Shield brothers Seth Rollins and defending champion Dean Ambrose, the new Women’s WWE Tag Team Championship belts were shown during Alexa Bliss’ interview segment with Paul Heyman and it was reveled that the inaugural champions will be crowned in the Elimination Chamber February 17th, 2019 in Houston, Texas.