Shane McMahon & Miz are gaining momentum as they head to the Royal Rumble (1/15/19)

11:25pm EST

With another episode of WWE Smackdown Live in the books, the focal point is obviously the WWE Championship Match at the Royal Rumble featuring champion Daniel Bryan vs. the former champion AJ Styles. WWE continues to build the hype between these two stars, this time with them fighting in the concession stands among the fans. Samoa Joe destroyed Mustafa Ali in a no-contest and put the entire WWE talent pool on notice that he will do the same to all of them in the 30 man over the top rope Royal Rumble. In addition to that, it must be said that Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio had a match of the year quality contest. Yes, I know its only January, but that match will live in the minds of WWE fans for quite some time, despite the outside interference of Zelina Vega which led to Andrade gaining a big victory.
The most intriguing moment of the night was the Miz giving his parnter and WWE authority figure Shane McMahon a birthday party. The Miz seems to have turned over a new leaf and it seems the fans (starting back at Wrestlemania 33 almost 2 years ago and his rivalry with John Cena) have really taken a liking to the Miz. The difference is, this time it seems WWE is seemingly giving the former “Real World” star the chance to fully embrace the fan appreciation he has been receiving in 2018 and into the early stages of 2019. Ofcourse The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) crashed the party which led to a 1 on 1 match between the Miz and Sheamus in which ‘The most must see WWE superstar ever’ emerged victorious. After the match, the man once known as the ‘Giant killer’ went coast to coast through his birthday cake and into the face of the ‘Celtic Warrior’ and from there, stood victorious with The Miz as they celebrated with the Best In The World trophy claiming they would become the next Smackdown Tag Team Champions. This writer certainly hopes that is the case come January 27th in Phoenix.