AEW should inspire WWE to make the RIGHT call-ups to its main roster

* There is no doubt in the mind of this writer that NXT has gone from WWE’s developmental territory to World Wrestling Entertainment’s #1 overall brand, and with that has come some of the most entertaining television with some of the best talent in the industry today. With Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling putting on quality shows, Impact Wrestling’s moderate yet steady improvement, and the captivating potential of the emergence of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), WWE is feeling the heat of competition …the likes of which it hasn’t had since it’s purchase of World Championship Wrestling in 2001. With this new found competition on the horizon, WWE should be put on notice, and with that should make the necessary changes needed to improve what many wrestling fans feel has been a lack luster product over the past 2 or 3 years. To address the matter WWE has recently brought back “The Authority” (a combination of all the McMahons: Shane, Stephanie, Vince, and Triple H), showcased the performances of stars like Seth Rollins, Elias, and Drew Mcintyre, and continued to focus TV time on success stories like New Day, The Usos, AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, and the entire Women’s division. These changes have improved the RAW and Smackdown brands over the past month or so, however with Royal Rumble just 9 days away and Wrestlemania season upon us, it is very important that the most recognized wrestling promotion in the world NOT MESS UP their next class of NXT graduates to the main roster.

* As of this date, WWE has advertised and delivered a few call-ups which in this writer’s opinion has left a lot to be desired. Heavy Machinery, EC3 and Lacey Evans are okay AT BEST additions to the A & B shows, Lars Sullivan has yet to debut after several promotional videos due to (what Dave Metlzer reports) anxiety attacks, and the only recent call-up that has made a good impact is the solid performance of the main roster’s latest female star Nikki Cross. Quite frankly, WWE going 1 for 5 in its latest call-ups is not good enough, especially with the Cody Rhodes and Young Bucks led AEW coming in May, and several WWE talents reportedly wanting out of their contracts (The Revival being the most noteworthy stars wanting their contractual release).

* So that brings us to who Hubbard Wrestling Weekly says World Wrestling Entertainment NEEDS to call up from NXT to the main roster in order to make some much needed waves on WWE’s Monday and Tuesday night shows. Firstly, we have the members of the Undisputed Era. Adam Cole is one of the 2 most charismatic stars on NXT and arguably the entire WWE, Kyle O’Reilly is a tremendous in-ring talent and his air guitar routine is the best we’ve seen since the NWO, and Bobby Fish along with Roderick Strong round out what I feel is the best stable in the entire company. Next we have the 2nd most charismatic star in NXT, the Velveteen Dream. This former Tough Enough contestant that future Hall of Famer Chris Jericho accurately said would be a future star several years ago, has come into his own with a controversial yet entertaining character that is making all WWE fans ‘SAY HIS NAME’.

* Adam Cole and Velveteen have the qualities to be future world champions and Fish, O’Reilly and Strong have WWE RAW or Smackdown tag team championship written all over them. The only question is, will their eventual call ups (hopefully sooner than later) lead to major success like The Shield, Rusev, Alexa Bliss, and Naomi or will they botch it like they have botched the careers of the Revival and Bobby Roode? Only time will tell, but from this writer’s perspective… The Velveteen Dream and Undisputed Era’s time is now!
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