Sasha Banks : The Boss is back!

* Young, fly, flashy, and talented… These words and more describe this 5-time WWE/NXT Women’s Champion. With a NXT title, four WWE RAW Women’s championships, main eventing in the first ever Women’s hell in a cell, and numerous other accomplishments under her belt, ‘The Boss’ was on top of her game as the Summer of 2017 came to it’s conclusion. She was arguably the biggest star in the Women’s division during this time and the sky was the limit, however since that time, Banks seemed to have fallen off a bit. Missing several pay-per-views, a lack luster storyline with on again, off again best friend Bayley, and booking that left a lot to be desired left one of the cornerstones of the Women’s Evolution with a lack of direction as 2018 came to its conclusion. That is until her name came out of the mouth of RAW Women’s champion Ronda Rousey.

* With 2019 came a turnaround for Banks that started on the January 7th edition of Monday Night RAW, and with that almost immediately the woman this writer feels is the best all around female competitor in WWE became ‘The Boss’ once again. Finally, it wasn’t about hugging, it wasn’t about being a super baby face… It became about being the best once again as her desire to be #1 showed itself and in a flash Sasha Banks got her swagger back. Sure, at first, Sasha was appreciative of Ronda Rousey saying she deserved a title shot at the Royal Rumble, but the following week when the current champion seemingly assumed she would be victorious over the former 4-time RAW Women’s title holder January 27th in Chase Field, Sasha took exception and let it be known she is not showing up in Arizona to be Rousey’s next victim, but instead to win back “her” title and humble the UFC hall of famer in front of the world.

* Sasha Banks re-discovering her motivation and attitude is precisely what she needs, and with that attitude comes added excitement for the RAW Women’s title match at the Royal Rumble. On the go-home RAW leading to the Rumble, Banks teamed with Bayley vs. Ronda and Natalya and tapped out Natalya for the victory. The most important part of this RAW main event in this writer’s mind however, was the fact that she antagonized Rousey throughout the match and had the upper hand throughout the bout. In addition, it seemed that Sasha’s swagger rubbed off on Bayley as she too had a little touch of heel in her that every face needs to really be successful in today’s wrestling world. The sight of Banks not letting go of the Bank Statement finisher even after the bell rang did this journalist’s heart glad, as it is clear the real Sasha Banks is back! Who is the real Sasha Banks? A talented, strong, swaggy, focused superstar who wants to be the best more than she wants to be liked!

* Prediction for the match at the Royal Rumble: It is clear that WWE is setting up for Becky Lynch and/or Charlotte Flair vs. Rousey at WrestleMania, so reluctantly I will say Sasha will not walk out of Chase Field with the gold. That being said, its Hubbard Wrestling Weekly’s hope that she will continue this attitude she’s shown the past couple of weeks and does something to Rousey to get disqualified (similar to what Charlotte did at the Survivor Series). Perhaps a chair or kendo stick would do the trick. Whatever the outcome is, it’s the best case scenario for Banks for Ronda Rousey to at least LOOK defeated as the RAW Women’s title match comes to it’s conclusion. Official #HWWeekly prediction: Ronda retains via disqualification.
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