Episode XXXI : Shimmer Wrestling Superstar, Hyan (w/guest co-host Cassidy Haynes)

It’s a super pro wrestling weekend, and it’s all about the biggest and brightest superstars in the world who will be representing their company’s in some of the biggest shows anywhere in the world. One of biggest show’s of this WrestleMania weekend will be a double event presented by SHIMMER Wrestling. It’s sure to be an amazing afternoon and night of action, and one of the big names showing their world caliber talent will be “The Renaissance Woman” Hyan. Unquestionably one wrestling’s brightest stars, she was trained by Hall of Famer Booker T. From the start she was destined for great things, and she continues to work towards her destiny as on of the Women’s Evolution’s biggest success stories. Episode 31 features this talent woman as she speaks about her training, first title win, and what to come in SHIMMER. In addition to that, we have a special guest co-host returning for a 2nd show, the Founder and chief editor of BodySlam.net Cassidy Haynes. This episode is yet another example that Hubbard Wrestling Weekly© is bringing the wrestling world the best topics and biggest stars.

** Exclusive Hubbard Wrestling Weekly© commentary as HYAN gives HWWeekly Founder Sean Hubbard and BodySlam.net Founder Cassidy Haynes updates on her upcoming tour of Japan as well as the health of reigning SHIMMER Tag Team Champion MERCEDES MARTINEZ**

Special Guest: Hyan, SHIMMER Wrestling Superstar (Twitter: @_thehyan)
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