Results: Gennady Golovkin (Triple G) vs. Steve Rolls

11:45ppm EST

In his first fight in 9 months, Gennady Golovkin entered Madison Square Garden in New York City with a mindset to remind to the world he is still one of Boxing’s pound for pound best. In September of 2018, Golovkin lost and epic and controversial Middleweight World Championship fight against the man who many say in the best in the boxing world today, Canelo Alvarez, and tonight Triple G wanted to be dominant against the undefeated Steve Rolls. Rolls, who came into this fight with the USBA Middleweight Championship and a perfect record of 19-0.

Photo Credit: DAZN (Golovkin knocks out Rolls with tremendous left hook)

In the first 2 rounds, Rolls was having some surprising success against the former World Champion, but as the fight progressed into the 3rd round, Triple G began to show his dominance. From there, in the 4th and what would prove to be final round, Golovkin landed a chopping left hand followed by a devastating left hook, and the game, yet overwhelmed Steve Rolls fell face first to the canvas for a count of ten.

It was a strong performance, and in this writer’s opinion, a message to Canelo, that Triple G will want a 3rd fight with Alvarez to determine who the best is, once and for all.

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