Warrior Island Fight Night (Episode 10 recap)

The importance and relevance of the Tiki Code continued tonight on the Dupont network as the world saw the next episode of Warrior Island.  What a fantastic night of fights and here is a breakdown of what took place inside the cage this evening.  


Fight one of the evening saw Michael Alexander Dupye in his debut going one on one with Hector Iglesias in the 140 pound catch weight category.  The first round saw some good strikes on both sides with this writer seeing Iglesias earning an advantage with 2 knockdowns. The 2nd round saw Michael improve in fight scoring takedowns and showing good defense when Hector almost got him into an armbar submission situation. In the third and final round Dupye scored an amazing belly to back German style suplex. Front there he and Hector grappled against the cage.  The fight could have gone either way, however in the end the judges declared Michael Dupye a unanimous victory 29-28 in a very close, sportsman-like matchup. 


Next, it was two debuting fighters squaring off; Raffaele Masi vs Izzy Quiroz.  The first round saw Masi in a position of advantage with the figure four body lock as both fighters attempted to win a strongly contested opening stanza. In round 2 both men came out striking, however as the fight went to the mat, Masi asserted himself with a rear naked choke which led to a a submission victory for the 18 year old. He is not 1-0 in his brand new career. 


The third fight of the evening was a battle between Dante Digrazia going up against James Lodge in the 135 pound weight division.   In the first round Digrazia hit Lodge with a major left hand and eventually followed up with a right. The entire round saw Dante hitting James with haymakers and after a combination of several unanswered punches, the referee stepped in and stopped the fight which would be a TKO victory for Dante Digrazia. 


In the main event of episode 10 of Warrior Island we saw Brian Nicolas vs. Joshua Telemaque in a 150 pound contest. This fight would not last long as Brian Nicolas would put on a spectacular performance. After multiple kicks and a take down, Nicolas would score a strong rear naked choke submission victory over a debuting Joshua Telemaque. 


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Acknowledgement to Warrior Island and it’s founder James Jefferson


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