Warrior Island: What’s next?

In the worlds of sports and/or entertainment, there are always two words that ring true in any aspect of both, “whats next”, and the world of Martial Arts/MMA is no different. James Jefferson has created something innovative and exciting for combat sports fans all over the world with his unique twist on MMA, Martial Arts,  and voter-friendly viewer television.   Warrior Island is taking the world by storm with captivating fights where sportsmanship and the Tiki code has taken the lead and shown the viewing public what a true Warrior is supposed to be.  


The MMA/Martial Arts world is eager to see what comes next in Warrior Island, and here is what we have to look forward to.   As season 1 of Saga 1 comes to its conclusion, season 2 of Saga 1 takes center stage as the selection process of the fighters begins. Those who have shown promise and most importantly exemplified the TIki code will be chosen and then embark on a 9 month journey of training. Only the best of the best fighters and sportsmen will be invited to train with some of the greatest Martial Arts & MMA experts in the world in this once in a lifetime opportunity.  


What an amazing journey the viewing public will witness as each episode of season 2/Saga 1 will feature one or two of the chosen fighters and as we travel week by week with them on their journey, we will await to see who the best of the best is. From there, the Red Ninjas will change these athletes’ lives forever by delivering the invite scroll to the fighters who are invited to Warrior Island. 


Then those chosen few will move on to the most anticipated portion of their journey, Season 3 of Saga 1: The Island. This and a whole lot more is soon to come on one of the most talked about brands in all of Combat Sports, Warrior Island, including a highly anticipated Pay-Per-View selection spectacular to take place in November 2021. This is sure to be an event of historic significance. 


For more information, go to www.WarriorIsland.com

Acknowledgement to Warrior Island and it’s founder James Jefferson


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