Warrior Island Fight Night (Episode 11 recap)

Once again Martial Arts/MMA and the TIki Code took center stage as Warrior Island episode 11 took place on the Dupont Network.  In the opening contest of the night an Amatuer fight between Victor Azeredo went one on one with Ross Matta.  It was a hard fought content though round one with Azeredo having the advance as round one came to an end. As round 2 commenced, the young undefeated fighter continued to put the presser on Matta which led to a big time takedown that landed Ross on his head. From there Victor would implement a ground and pound attack (under amatuer rules less elbow and punch combinations on the ground are allowed), followed by an armbar that ended the fight.  It was a truly impressive performance by Victor who remains undefeated in his young MMA career.


The night fight would feature Dante Di Grazie vs. Nicholas Uva in the 135 pound weight class. Uva would start the fight with a takedown and side control, however Di Grazie should good defensive technique getting into a good preventative position. That being said, for the better part of the first round Nicholas Uva was in control, which in this writer’s opinion, won him round 1. Round 2 began with Dante showing good footwork and several haymaker right hands that didn’t land, which led to Uva once again getting into dominant position after a takedown. This was not an advantageous spot for Di Grazie even though his defense was solid once he was taken to the ground. Round 3 was much of the same with missed punches by Dante and good takedowns by Nicholas which would lead to a unanimous decision with Uva. 


Next, Mark Romero would take on his opponent who made his debut, Dean Johnvin.  The first round was hotly contested with Johnvin mostly on the defensive.  Romero was on the attack pressing the action throughout most of round one. As round 2 commence, Mark would continue to press the action putting Dean in a preventative position. This would lead eventually to Romero grounding and pounding  Johnvin, which led to a key lock, Americana, and a submission victory. Great sportsmanship was shown by Romero, making sure Dean was alright; a true depiction of what Warrior Island and the Tiki code is all about. 


In the finale of the evening we would see a 145-pound contest between Bilbrovka Brazil vs. Theo Michalidis in what turned out to be a one-sided affair. From the outset, Michalidis pushed the tempo and dominated the action with hand strikes and kicks. At one point Michaldis would catch Bilbrovka with an accidental low-blow which would temporarily pause the action. When action continued, Theo would knock Bilbrovka down, would take the back and unleash a series of strikes that would lead to Bilbrovka’s corner throwing in the towel.  Theo Michalidis remains undefeated in impressive fashion. 

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Acknowledgement to Warrior Island and it’s founder James Jefferson


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