Episode XXX: WWE Fastlane preview Feat./Cassidy Haynes, founder – BodySlam.net

In this episode of Hubbard Wrestling Weekly, founder and host of #HWWeekly speaks with founder of BodySlam.net Cassidy Haynes as we discuss this weekend’s WWE Fastlane pay-per-view. Cassidy and Sean agree on some things, but on the subject of Baron Corbin we definitely don’t. Who will win the WWE title match? Will Becky Lynch finally punch her ticket to WrestleMania? All this and more as part of the best up and coming podcast any where in the world, the Hubbard Wrestling Weekly Podcast’s historic 30th episode.
Special Guest: Cassidy Haynes, Founder/Chief Editor – BodySlam.net (Twitter: @bodyslamnet , @bodyslamdotnet)
HWWeekly Website/Podcast Founder: Sean Hubbard
Web Developer/HWWeekly Lead Consultant: Alex@haascrea.com
Promotional/Commercial Acknowledgment on Episode XXX of the #HWWeekly Podcast: Becky Bubbles Laundry Center:New Rochelle, NY – Be sure to listen carefully for special code to get 10% of your drop-off laundry service. *Offer valid until March 23rd, 2019.*
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