Warrior Island Fight Night (episode 8 recap)

On August 14th it was another big time night of Mixed Martial Arts action on the Dupont Network as the interactive & popular MMA organization and series Warrior Island brought you an episode & with more young, hungry, up and coming Mixed Martial Artists attempting to make it onto the exclusive and esteemed Warrior Island.


In the opening contest of the evening we saw a Bantamweight showdown between Hector Iglesias and Joel Vasquez. The first round saw a lot of toe to toe action with limited major contact made. Iglesias controlled the pace for most of the round with Vasquez attempting to steal the round in the end. It was and even round that could have gone either way. In round 2, the two fighters continued their toe to toe action, this time with Vasquez landing some vicious combinations that won him the round in this writer’s opinion despite the fact Iglesias continued to try and walk his opponent down in an attempt to close the gap Vasquez created with his jab and right cross, the same right cross that would have a left hook added to it and a four-punch combination that led to a 2nd round knockout victory. The fourth of his career.


Fight number 2 was Ricardo Batista vs Rob Astacio in the Welterweight division. Very early in round one, the man called “the apex” took down Batista with a very good double leg takedown. After the referee reset the fighters, Astacio caught Batista with a good outside leg kick who was clearly very fatigued as the round came to an end. In round two Astacio continued the ground attack he started in round one and this time it would lead to victory. He would catch Ricardo in a guillotine choke to which Batista had no choice but to submit.


Next up we had the Heavyweights on the big stage as it was Wayne Fioravant against Niall Croke in what turned out to be a 2-round slugfest. After a competitive round one Niall would counter Wayne’s right hand with a vicious Right kick that knocked Fioravante in spectacular fashion. This one-kick knockout was even more impressive in that both fighters wore headgear in this heavyweight fight.


To conclude this evening of fights, it was Anthony Bryson going one on one with Edward Curci in what turned out to be another toe to toe slugfest that nearly ended at the conclusion of round one. Bryson performed some excellent takedowns with impressive ground and pound offense. This along with his striking ability from round one and into round 2 put Anthony in position to win, which he would in a stoppage after a strong combination of punches on his opponent as he tried to fend off Bryson with his back against the cage.


This would bring Warrior Island episode 8 to a conclusion as these young fighters continue their quest for greatness both as fighters but more importantly as human beings and sportsman. To vote for your favorite fighter to make it Warrior Island, go to warriorislandvoting.com or warriorisland.com.


To vote for your favorite fighter to make it Warrior Island, go to warriorislandvoting.com or warriorisland.com.   

Acknowledgement to Warrior Island and it’s founder James Jefferson


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