The Bronze Bomber is Back!



October 15th, 2022 will stand alone in boxing history as the night, the time, the moment that a man, a champion, and dare this boxing historian say… A future Hall of Famer returned to his rightful place back into prominence.  


In what now has to be considered Wilder’s boxing home away from home, Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, the fighter who is undefeated against everyone in the boxing world whose name is not Tyson Fury, changed every question mark about his career moving forward into a resounding exclamation point with a spectacular 1-punch knockout of Heavyweight contender Robert Helenius on FiteTV/Fox Sports pay-per-view. The 36-year old was patiently awaiting his opportunity to lower the boom on Helenius with clearly an attack meant to lull his opponent into a false sense of security.   It was a brilliant strategy which led to a right hand that turned out the lights and told the Boxing Community that the ‘Bronze Bomber is back’.


With this knockout victory, in an instant, Deontay not only reminded the viewing public about his double-degit title defense resume, but put himself right back into the World Heavyweight Championship picture.  There is a plethora of opportunities for the Bronze Bomber who can now turn his attention possibly to former champion Anthony Ruiz who recently defeated ‘King Kong’ Ortiz (also on FiteTV pay-per-view), former champion and someone who can still sell out an arena Anthony Joshua, or current Unified Heavyweight Champion of the World Oleksandr Usyk.  The possibilities are endless for Wilder who is now back in mix and dare I say Wilder/Fury IV?  Nothing is impossible.  


Deontay Wilder is back, and in this writer’s opinion, in a time where the boxing community was starting to think the pool of big time heavyweights was possibly starting to thin, the Bronze Bomber’s triumphant return to the winner’s platform is exactly what the heavyweight division needs.  


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