‘Clash of the Podcasts’ ( Presented by EPW & HubbardWrestlingWeekly© ) : Roman Reigns PINNED!!

Everything Pro Wrestling and Hubbard Wrestling Weekly© are joining forces to bring the wrestling community #ClashOfThePodcasts. We will get some discussion points and talk pro wrestling with you all. In this episode Conrad and Sean discuss the following: WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns have been pinned for the first time in 3 1/2 years!!   Is this the end for the Tribal Chief? Will Sean H. get what he’s been calling for since the Royal Rumble and see Jey Uso become the next Undisputed Champion at Summerslam?  Conrad and Sean discuss live on this episode of #ClashofthePodcasts . 


** “Clash of the Podcast” is the original concept of Sean Hubbard (Founder/CEO of Hubbard Wrestling Weekly© combat sports) and Conrad Kushman (Founder/Director of Creative of Everything Pro Wrestling Podcasts) **