‘Clash of the Podcasts’ ( Presented by EPW & HubbardWrestlingWeekly© ) : IMPACT Slammiversary Preview & THE BLOODLINE Story Continues

Everything Pro Wrestling and Hubbard Wrestling Weekly© are joining forces to bring the wrestling community #ClashOfThePodcasts. We will get some discussion points and talk pro wrestling with you all. In this episode Conrad and Sean discuss the following: Full Impact Wrestling SLAMMIVERSARY 2023 preview! Will Trinity win her 1st IMPACT World Women’s championship?  Conrad and Sean discuss.


Also, the Bloodline storyline continues, as Sean tells the world why WWE OWES ITS FANS JEY USO AS UNDISPUTED CHAMPION and Conrad explains why that probably won’t be the case. All this, AND MORE on episode 45 of #ClashOfThePodcasts presented by #EverythingProWrestling and #HubbardWrestlingWeekly ©.


** “Clash of the Podcast” is the original concept of Sean Hubbard (Founder/CEO of Hubbard Wrestling Weekly© combat sports) and Conrad Kushman (Founder/Director of Creative of Everything Pro Wrestling Podcast) **